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Client Testimonials

Note: Results vary from one individual to another.


“I feel amazing. This weight loss hypnosis experience has made me feel at ease and relaxed. I feel confident and positive that I will reach my ideal weight and maintain it for life. Nikki has a natural calming presence and an ability to calm oneself. I am very happy I tried hypnotherapy for weight loss. The best money I have ever spent. Many thanks Nikki.”

Marissa – Leeming

“I wanted to try a natural therapy for weight loss and have done this hypnosis and feel great in doing so. I am going away feeling more energised and more positive than I have in years. I feel excited and in control. I can’t believe how amazing hypnosis is. Nikki makes you feel calm and relaxed. I recommend hypnosis to anyone who is wanting to change.”

George – Mt Pleasant

“I was open to the ideal of hypnotherapy but certainly did not expect that it would make something which seemed so challenging before so easy and instantly rewarding. I feel refreshed and cleansed from all that emotional baggage that was holding me back from reaching my ideal weight. I use to make so many excuses but now I feel free and excited about moving forward.”

Elizabeth – Bull Creek

“For the first time in a long time I am in control of my life. My breathing doesn’t seem to rattle me anymore on deep breaths. Nikki makes you feel so at ease and I will never smoke again. ”

Jean – Port Bouvard

“I feel better. I didn’t realise how easy it could be. Now I will be around for my children and grandchildren. Now I can save my money to go and see my family in New York.”

Alan – Canning Vale

“I feel like I am a non-smoker. I feel like I can breathe deeply. I don’t want to smoke anymore. It’s like I have never smoked. I am looking forward to having better health and a long life. It was easy and I wish that I did this ages ago.”

Milo – Langford

“I saw Nikki for my smoking habit and so glad I did because now I don’t need to hide it anymore, no more sneaking around to have a smoke and feeling like an outcast, and I smell better, and I am saving money to.”
Paul – Alkimos

“Wow, hypnosis to quit smoking was so easy and quick. I loved the feeling of being so relaxed and now I don’t even feel like smoking ever again.”
May – Aubin Grove

“Thanks Nikki for helping me to get rid of that dirty smoking habit. I am a fresh air breathing person and I don’t feel like Im missing out on anything either. Amazing.”
Dylan – Brentwood

“I used to smoke 70 cigarettes a day but that has all changed after I tried hypnosis to quit smoking with Nikki’s help. Thank you so much for helping me stamp it out for good.”
Georgina – Riverton

“I have literally tried every diet only to put all the weight back on and more. This time I tried hypnosis to change my old habits. I feel amazing, refreshed and feeling young again. So much more energy.”
Sophia – Clarkson

“Hypnosis to help with weight loss makes it so much easier. No more constant thinking about sugar. I feel so much more confident and happy now.”
Scott – Murdoch

“I was a bit skeptical at first about trying hypnosis but Nikki took the time to explain the process and I felt comfortable with her hypnotising me. After I came out of it feeling empowered and confident that I could achieve my goals. Nikki’s voice is soothing.”
Liam – Melville

“I have tried group hypnosis in the past and had some success but wanted to try Nikki’s tailor made sessions and I am so glad I did. This time it was more personal and I felt like I really went into it deeper and Nikki made me feel at ease. Thanks Nikki for helping me feel amazing.”
Ava – Belmont

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